Submicrometer tomography of cells by multiple-wavelength digital holographic microscopy in reflection.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Opt Lett, Volume 34, Issue 5, p.653-5 (2009)


Cells, Equipment Design, Erythrocyte Membrane, Holography, Humans, Microscopy, Tomography, Optical


<p>We present first results on a method enabling mechanical scanning-free tomography with submicrometer axial resolution by multiple-wavelength digital holographic microscopy. By sequentially acquiring reflection holograms and summing 20 wavefronts equally spaced in spatial frequency in the 485-670 nm range, we are able to achieve a slice-by-slice tomographic reconstruction with a 0.6-1 microm axial resolution in a biological medium. The method is applied to erythrocytes investigation to retrieve the cellular membrane profile in three dimensions.</p>

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