Towards a wireless optical stimulation system for long term in-vivo experiments.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, Volume 2014, p.2024-7 (2014)


Animals, Head, Movement, Optical Devices, Photic Stimulation, Wireless Technology


<p>This paper presents our recent progresses towards the development of a wirelessly powered head mountable optical stimulator for enabling long-term optogenetic experiments with small freely moving transgenic models. The proposed system includes a wireless power transmission chamber with uniform power distribution in 3D and a wireless head mountable optical stimulator prototype with power recovery. The wireless power link, which includes the inductive chamber and power recovery circuits, is robust against subject movements in all directions, and against angular misalignment. Such link provides uniform power distribution without the need for a closed-loop control system, and can localize the transmitted power towards the receiver, without using additional detection and control circuitry compared to other systems. Additionally, the chamber is equipped with a camera for capturing the animal motion and behavior after applying optical stimulation patterns. A low-power microcontroller unit is embedded with the stimulator prototype to generate arbitrary light stimulation patterns. Measurement results show that the inductive chamber can continuously deliver 70 mW to the stimulator prototype with a power efficiency of 59%. </p>

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