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Validation of a self-administered web-based 24-hour dietary recall among pregnant women.

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Journal Article


BMC Pregnancy Childbirth, Volume 18, Issue 1, p.112 (2018)


BACKGROUND: The use of valid dietary assessment methods is crucial to analyse adherence to dietary recommendations among pregnant women. This study aims to assess the relative validity of a self-administered Web-based 24-h dietary recall, the R24W, against a pen-paper 3-day food record (FR) among pregnant women.

METHODS: Sixty (60) pregnant women recruited at 9.3 ± 0.7 weeks of pregnancy in Quebec City completed, at each trimester, 3 R24W and a 3-day FR. Mean energy and nutrient intakes reported by both tools were compared using paired Student T-Tests. Pearson correlations were used to analyze the association between both methods. Agreement between the two methods was evaluated using cross-classification analyses, weighted kappa coefficients and Bland-Altman analyses.

RESULTS: Pearson correlation coefficients were all significant, except for vitamin B (r = 0.03; p = 0.83) and ranged from 0.27 to 0.76 (p < 0.05). Differences between mean intakes assessed by the R24W and the FR did not exceed 10% in 19 variables and were not significant for 16 out of 26 variables. In cross-classification analyses, the R24W ranked, on average, 79.1% of participants in the same or adjacent quartiles as the FR.

CONCLUSIONS: Compared to a 3-day FR, the R24W is a valid method to assess intakes of energy and most nutrients but may be less accurate in the evaluation of intakes of fat (as a proportion of energy intake), vitamin D, zinc and folic acid. During pregnancy, the R24W was a more accurate tool at a group-level than at an individual-level and should, therefore, be used in an epidemiological rather than a clinical setting. The R24W may be particularly valuable as a tool used in cohort studies to provide valid information on pregnant women's dietary intakes and facilitate evaluation of associations between diet and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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